United States Marine Corps Memorabilia

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1. Original USMC 2nd Raiders "death card". Condition is excellent, back shows typical bleeding. Obtained from Raider vet's estate in San Diego. -$500.00-SOLD!

2. Iconic WW1 period Marine Corps poster- "Books Wanted For Our Men in Camp and Over There" The poster has been dry mounted and framed. There some minor condition issues which are relected in the price- $250.00-SOLD!

3. WW2 vintage 1st Marine Division patch, silk bevo, Australian made- $85.00-SOLD!

4. Korean vintage Recruiting poster by Capt. Vic Guiness, for Saipan and Tinian. These posters measure approximately 30" by 40" tall, they are slightly larger than their WW2 vintage counterparts. This poster is dated 1952, and would grade excellent. It is not linen mounted. Nice pine frame. One interesting aspect of these posters- They all include the unit insignia of the participating units in each battle. Some collectors like to have the posters matted and framed with the original patches that correspond to the units on the poster, which makes a great historical display.- SOLD!

5. An original WW1 vintage USMC Recruiting desk calender, nicely framed and ready to hang. The calender art is based on a WW1 vintage recruiting poster by noted artist Howard Chandler Christy. Overall size is 15" x 18". - $100.00-SOLD!

6. "Heroes- US Marine Corps 1861-1955" by Jane Blakeney. 1st Edition, no dust jacket. The book is in excellent condition. 621 pages. Listings of all Medal Of Honor, Navy Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, and Distinguished Flying Cross holders of the Marine Corps through the Korean War. Nice color plate detailing ribbons to US awards. Absolutely the most valueble reference book a collector or historian could own. $175.00-SOLD!

7. WW2 studio portrait of enlisted Marine, in dress blues, colorized, size is 5"x7"- $35.00 -SOLD!

8. RPPC of enlisted Marine in blue uniform, circa early 1920's, faded from age, 90 year old paper. $15.00-SOLD!

9. A model of 1905 Enlisted Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Beautiful details on the obverse, the eagle's eye is especially fine. The reverse shows both pins. From local estate here in San Diego. -$125.00-SOLD!

10. Mint condition WW2 era patch for USMC 5th Amphibious Corps- $30.00-SOLD!

11. A nice condition M-43 jacket from estate of WW2 Marine. Size is 34R. Complete with a buttons, drawstrings etc. Has 2 small rectangular on each side of the front over the drawstring area. $65.00-SOLD!





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