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1. Vietnamese sand cast "bush pilot" novelty wings- $100.00

2. Original Vietnamese machine made patch for the 1st Bn, 7th Artillery. On 20 January 1964 the unit was redesignated the 1st Battalion, 7th Artillery and assigned to the 1st Infantry Division. One of the fist American units in Vietnam.Was originally sewn to a stewardess's apron. -$45.00

3. Original Vietnamese Machine Embroidered Jump Wings Uniform Removed Good Cond. Looks like they were cut across the bottom while being removed. -$35.00

4.Vietnam Era Hand Embroidered Filipino Jump Wings. 3" Long. Excellent Condition.-$35.00

5.Vietnam War period pocket hanger for South Korean Headquarters. - $100.00

6. Wartime Thai made patch for UDT 11. Patch was originally from Tom Clinton, still has his "trade only" sticker on the back. Typical Thai grass cloth back. Patch is 3 1/4" tall.- $275.00

7. Wartime Thai made patch for UDT 12. Patch was originally from Tom Clinton. Typical Thai grass cloth back. Patch is 3 1/2" tall. - $275.00

8. Wartime Thai made patch for UDT 13. Patch was originally from Tom Clinton, still has his "trade only" sticker on the back. Thai grass cloth back. Patch is 3 1/2" tall. - $275.00

9. Circa 1960's US made patch for Underwater Demolition Teams. Uniform removed, in excellent condition. 4" tall. - $175.00-SOLD!

10. Interesting patch -14th Rgt. ARVN Recon- the patch is printed, but with a dry pull on the silk screen that makes it look like a bevo on the front with the two different inks. I've never seen this effect before.- $75.00

11. Bevo Vietnamese Patch for Mobile Strike Force (Mike Force). Excellent condition. $175.00

12. Nice Nam era parachute silk cravat, from estate of Army Major Charles Dickson. Thread at snaps is delicate, overall excellent condition. $75.00

13. Nam era Silver Tiger top with two unusual pockets (exposed buttons). Pockets are "flat" on the outside seam and "bellowed" on the inside. There is a small bellowed pocket on the left upper shoulder. Condition is used excellent in desirable "US Large" size. $350.00-SOLD!

14. Nam era Silver Tiger pants in US- Medium. Total of 5 exposed button pockets. Condition is excellent, color and patten are practically identical to the top mentioned directly above. - $ 350.00-SOLD!

15. Japanese made tiger stripe trousers. Little bit of paint residue but still a good looking set. Look at these pics to see all of the paint spots and a small hole in the left rear pocket. Hama zipper. Fairly large size- waist is about a 35-36". Overall length is 40". - $500.00-SOLD!

16.A pair of Vietnam era Tiger Stripe shorts. Waist is about a 32-34". Condition is excellent. Zipper is a YKK and the buttons are marked "For Gentleman", I think they were imported from Europe. Although the shorts are not UDT specific ( they lack buckles) they are are a great pair. $175.00

17. Special Forces Beret or Shoulder Insignia hallmarked G 23, specific to the maker Ira Green for the time period 1965-67. Excellent condition. $100.00

18. Nice matching ERDL green dominant ripstop set, both pieces in Medium Regular. Condition is excellent only exception being two pin holes on the back of the shirt underneath the yoke. Dated 1968. $175.00 SOLD

19. Vietnam Era yellow cravat, associated with aviation units. Good condition, has a very light narrow stain running across the front. 22" long. Be great for a Robert Duvall impression. $35.00 SOLD

20. Vietnamese embroidered Mike Force tape on tiger stripe, excellent condition. $300.00

21. South Vietnamese Police visor, excellent condition. 3rd pattern insignia. Size 55 under celluloid. Tough to find these days!- $375.00-SOLD!

22. MACV Currency Control plate, looks like a credit card. Named to a Marine named George R. Adams. Never seen one of these in 30 years! Dated 1969. - $100.00

23.Special Operations Association Turner Publishing 1st Edition 2005 Rare and Excellent condition. Bound in black leather. 160 pages, text, photos, index. Special Forces MACVSOG, UNPFK, Medal of Honor list, brief bios of the members. My price is roughly half of the next price you will see on an internet book search. This book usually sells in the 3-400 dollar range. - $200.00

24. Shadow Box out of local San Diego estate. Charles "Ray" Parker served in Korea and then 3 tours in Vietnam with Special Forces according to his obituary. Significant awards include Silver Star, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Soldier's Medal- $100.00

25. Vietnamese silk woven C 2 Mike Force -excellent condition- $150.00 -SOLD!

26. LLDB Strategic Technical Directorate - hand embroidered- $175.00 -SOLD!

27. Original Nam Era Special Forces Shoulder Patch Excellent Unsewn Condition.- $30.00

28. Vietnamese Machine Embroidered US Jump Wings Off Uniform. White on Khaki.-$30.00

29.Nam Era Kid's Green Beret, mint in package, think it was a Premium from bubble gum cards -$35.00

30. Group of SF insignia for a Col.- $35.00-SOLD!

31.Original ARVN Patch 4th Bn. 3rd Infantry Regiment.  Very Good Condition! -$35.00

32. Strategic Technical Directorate-Vietnamese handmade- Beret/ Skull design hand embroidered on an ERDL disc. Not "pretty" like a Cheap Charlie but a lot more rare. $200.00-SOLD!

33.59 page pamphlet printed in Saigon in 1958. Impressions of the First Indochina War as told by ARVN Officer Huynh Van Cao. English text- would imagine it is quite scarce. Softcover, good condition. -$35.00

34. Challenge Coin for 5th Special Forces Group, reunion piece from the 1980's-$100.00

35. Special Commando Unit- SCU- indigenous personnel for SOG Recon- hand embroidered- $175.00-SOLD!

36. Special Commando Unit- SCU- indigenous personnel for SOG Recon- large hand embroidered disc- This is an amazing example of the art of Saigon embroidery- $175.00 - SOLD!

37. Strategic Technical Directorate- machine embroidered- $175.00-SOLD!

38. Tony the Tiger- LLDB- South Vietnamese Special Forces- "GRRREAT!"$175.00- SOLD!

39. Tony the Tiger - ARVN Ranger- $175.00- SOLD!

40. LLDB 1st style- silk bevo- $100.00 -SOLD!

41. . Challenge coin for Seal Team One, reunion piece from the 1980's- $100.00



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