THE DOGTAG - Longtime collector Jason Hardy has assembled a fine array of Vietnam related militaria with a heavy emphasis on SOG/ Special Forces material. He takes collecting seriously, with most of his material direct vet acquired- Take a moment to re-boot your brain after looking at most of the junk on the internet, and look at some authentic material!

BLUE MAX MILITARIA - This is new site offering an excellent selection of WW2 related reference books, along with an assortment of action figures and hard to find items for the reenactor. Run by longtime San Diego based collector Steven Baffa, I recommend a visit!

AUTHENTIC MILITARIA - Mike Tucker has assembled one of the best pages on the web, with a great selection of authentic German and Vietnam related militaria. The photos tell the story here, and the quality level is top-notch! There are also galleries where private collections are displayed for everyone to view- Mr. Tucker is a gentleman who believes in sharing information, which is what the hobby needs more of!

GRUNTS- VIETNAM WAR REENACTMENT IN FRANCE - Very interesting page with excellent photography and attention to detail. All branches of the US Armed Services are represented, with seperate sections for each service.

MOORE MILITARIA - The One Stop Vietnam Shop- great original items, field gear, insignia, and more. Perfect spot for the reenactor looking for quality material, or the collector looking to complete a mannekin.

RLS COLLECTIBLES- A well designed site with excellent quality militaria. An emphasis on better German items and some interesting Japanese blades as well.

C AND C SPORTS CENTER - The latest website for collectable firearms and full auto fun! Great resource for the collector who needs the perfect piece to top off that uniform!

WARTIME COLLECTABLES- a great website with an emphasis on quality US medal groups from all eras, and other items as well- uniforms, headgear, etc. Wartime Collectables consistently turns up new material for the discerning collector!

BAY STATE MILITARIA- Interesting website with an eclectic mix- lots of great items to view! Run by long time collector Scott Kraska, this site will prove worth your visit!

B AND  L COLLECTIBLES- Bob and Laurel Adams run this excellent webpage from Easthampton, Massachussetts, and really come up with some unique items! They have a search engine feature within their webpage that is really useful for finding that special item in a hurry!

GRENADIER MILITARY ANTIQUES - operated by long time California dealer Bruce Hermann, this website promises to offer a wide array of quality militaria from all time periods.

THE RUPTURED DUCK- The best selection of authentic German WW2 uniforms and gear to be found anywhere! Whether at the MAX Show or on the web- one of out favorite dealers!

CULTMAN COLLECTABLES- Great English site with a strong emphasis on authentic campaign medals!

WITTMANN ANTIQUE MILITARIA- The premier dealer of Third Reich and Imperial German Edged Weapons is now on the Web-Don't miss it!- His famous "Offering" always has something for every collector, and his upcoming new book on Kriegsmarine edged weapons is going to set new standards for reference books.Be sure to get in touch with Tom and reserve an autographed copy now!

DER RITTMEISTER MILITARIA- A great page offering the best of Miltaria from the days of the Kaiser, with a special emphasis on Aviation of World War One- the selection of Imperial German Medals is always "top shelf".

JON'S SWORDS- Jon's swords has a wide range of military insignia, medals, and relics from WWII to and including the Vietnam era.  We also deal in documents and reference books for the collector.

INDOCHINA MILITARIA- This is a great site for authentic Vietnam War uniforms, including tigerstripes, jungle jackets, boonie hats,etc. John O'Connor has an eye for detail on this comprehensive area of study, and consistently comes up with collectable material in an area that is becoming increasingly popular.

BRANDENBURG HISTORICA- One of the best selections of German militaria anywhere, with new items arriving from Europe on a very frequent basis! A lot of depth in selection.

ALTISSIMO MUSIC- Altissimo Music is the number 1 source in the United States for all types of military music. You can actually visit their website and hear samples of the music, and then choose from their wide selection- Altissimo Music provides recorded military music of US Military Bands, Orchestras and Ensembles, including the US Air Force Symphony, the US Marine Band and others. Recordings include Patriotic, Christmas, Glenn Miller songs, Sousa, and Big Band Jazz. Sample many of these recordings on the site using the RealAudio player. Enjoy!

ANTIQUE ARMS AND ARMOR- Southern California dealer Robert Demel has assembled a great array of American and European Militaria- A wide variety of premium stock!!

INSIGNE- This is a very interesting page for anyone concerned with collecting military insignia. You learn about the thought processes of a very advanced collector and if you comprehend what you have read you will have a very valuble learning experience. Read and digest every page- it is not often a collector offers this kind of knowledge- Kudos to Les Hughes for presenting this site.

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