Autographed, Rare, and Militaria Reference Books


1.  HORRIDO! by Ray Toliver and Trevor Constable. First Edition, Macmillan and Co., 1968. Excellent with excellent dj. 348 pages. One of the best chronicles ever written on the top Luftwaffe aces of World War Two. Individual biographies of the top fighter pilots including, Hartmann, Barkhorn, Rall, Galland, more. This copy is signed by Ray Toliver. Overall excellent copy, spine on dust jacket is faded. $75.00

2.  FIGHTER ACES OF THE LUFTWAFFE by Toliver and Constable- good copy of first edition in dust jacket, Aero Publishing- $45.00

3. FIGHTER GENERAL by Ray Toliver and Trevor Constable- hardcover in excellent condition. First Edition from 1991. Biography of General Adolf Galland, signed by Galland and Ray Toliver. - $125.00

4.  SWORDS OF THE THIRD REICH by John Angolia, 1st edition, with dust jacket, very good condition- $65.00

5. DIE RITTERKREUZTRAGER DER LUFTWAFFE 1939-1945 VOLUME 1.  By Ernst Obermaier. Original 1st Edition from 1966 with English-German text. Bios of all of the Knight's Cross Holders of the Luftwaffe Fighter Arm, with excellent dust jacket- $250.00. Another copy in very good condition with no dust jacket- $125.00

6. FIGHTER ACES by Toliver and Constable, 1st edition in excellent condition- $55.00

7. MOLDERS UND SEINE MANNER- WW2 period published book on Werner Molders, one of the greatest Luftwaffe aces of WW2. 232 pages, has the dustjacket which makes it very displayable in a Luftwaffe collection- $75.00

8. SNOW TRENCHES by Dan Steele- signed by the author. A novel based on American troops in Siberia shortly after WW1- rare book- $85.00

9. RED ARROW MEN Stories about the 32nd Division on the Villa Verde. By John Carlisle, printed in 1946, signed by the author. Narrative account of the 32nd Division in the Phillipine Campaign. - Very scarce book, let alone signed- $100.00

10. HELMETS AND BODY ARMOR IN MODERN WARFARE by Bashford Dean, PhD., Curator of Armor, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yale University Press,1920. Good condition, 325 pages. Photos, drawings, index. This book gets into the details of all of the exotic experimental helmets and body armor of WW1. All countries are covered- there is information in this book you will not get anywhere else. This has all of the information on the desirable German body armor for the machine gunners, as well as a photo of the sniper's head shield. Italian, French, British and American items of equipment are covered. Excessivly rare book- $275.00

11. DAS BUCH DER ORDEN UND AUSZEICHNUNGEN by Vaclav Mericka. 252 pages, German text, color and black and white photos, great reference for those interested in Imperial European Orders. Lots of specific collector terminology in the back in the indices, a rudimentary knowledge of German will be helpful in using this book, - $65.00

12. EMBLEME WAPPEN MALINGS-a long overdue reprint of the classic u-boat reference on divisional insignia-by Georg Hogel- hard to find. Absolutely brand new condition- 227 pages-$85.00

13. BELTS, BUCKLES, AND BROCADES OF THE THIRD REICH, 1st Edition from 1982, by John Angolia. Excellent condition, 192 pages. Profusely illustrated with high quality photos of this interesting area of study- $45.00

14. DRESSED FOR DUTY- AMERICA'S WOMEN IN UNIFORM 1898-1973 by Jill Halcomb Smith, 480 pages, hardcover, mint. Excellent reference on this area that is growing in popularity- 1,089 photos/illus, 6.25X9.25, presents an overall view of the role of women in the service of our nation's defense plus an in-depth study of the evolution of their uniforms & insignia (many in color); documentation of volunteer organizations & their response to wartime mobilization will be of great interest to all military historians; fifty organization are covered;- $50.00

15. GERMAN ARMY, NAVY UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA 1871-1918", by Hoffschmidt and Tantum, 1968. Great overall Imperial German reference, using text and period illustrations, 195pp, very good condition in chipped dust jacket- $65.00

16. FLAGS AND STANDARDS OF THE THIRD REICH- ARMY, NAVY, AND AIR FORCE by Brian Leigh Davis- hardcover, excellent copies- with dust jacket $100.00, no dj $55.00