The Autograph and Emphemera collection of Alexander Pollyea, stenographer to the Joint Chiefs of Staff during World War Two. He attended and recorded all high level conferences:
Washington, Quebec, Cairo, Teheran, Malta, Yalta and Potsdam. Including signatures of Eisenhower, Truman and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all signed during World War Two.

The collection is important as it captures historical events that shaped the 20th Century, the ramifications of these events shape our world to this day. Alexander Pollyea was literally an eyewitness to history. This collection is new to the market after being in possesion of Pollyea's daughter for many years. Some of the listings will include relavent photos and emphemera that pertain to certain conferences. If you are purchasing for a museum or private display Pollyea's uniform and original stenograph will be available.

Alexander Pollyea while attending the Cairo Conference.

1. A Canadian bill signed at the Quebec Conference at Chateau Frontenac in 1943. Signatures include all four of the Joint Chiefs: Admiral King, Admiral Leahy, and General H. (Hap) Arnold. Also signed by Cordell Hull, Secretary of State (not a commonly encountered autograph), Ray Atherton, US Ambassador to Canada, James Clement Dunn, Hull's Chief of Staff, Major General John R. Deane, Secretary of the U.S. Joint Chiefs, General George Marshall, Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War. There is another signature on the bill which may be Bedell Smith, signed as a Brigadier General which is correct for the time period, but will have to do some further research on this signature. The bill is sealed in acid free material after being acid washed in the 1970's by Pollyea. I have provided two scans, one natural and one with contrast enhanced to show more detail. This is a Canadian produced brochure on the conference- General Marshall enjoying the theater. A luggage tag from the Chateau Frontenac. $3100.00


2. An 8x10 photograph taken during the Quebec Conference with signatures of General Arnold, General Marshall, Admiral Leahy, and Admiral King. Signed as a presentation for Pollyea. -$2000.00


3. A Russian bill signed at the Yalta Conference. The signatures include all four of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Leahy, Admiral King, General Marshall, and General Arnold. This the letter from Pollyea asking that Admiral King sign the bill. - $1800.00


4. Original 8 x 10 photo signed by General Dwight D. Eisenhower and President Harry Truman at the Potsdam Conference in 1945. Here is a close up of the Eisenhower signature. The Truman signature has faded but you see it when the photo is tilted. I took this photo out of the frame to get a better image. This is the original matte identifying the photo. There will be additional emphera included, such as this July 1945 Allied telephone book, with Ike's phone number. This is Pollyea's original pass to the Conference in English and Russian. This is Pollyea's travel paper- quick trip! A 19 page typed legal sized letter from Pollyea to his parents with his personal observations of Paris, Berlin, and the conference. This letter provides amazing insight into the situation in a defeated Germany, as seen throught the eyes of Pollyea. An 8 x 10 map of the US Sector for the conference-$1500.00