German and Foreign Militaria


2. Excellent condition original photograph, with Hitler, Von Kesselring, Goering, Bormann, and three SS officers. Size is 5 x7". From local estate, unpublished to my knowledge. $150.00

3. Wehrmacht Heer tropical belt buckle with dated tab, overall excellent condition, from local estate sale- $150.00-SOLD!

4. Aviation print by Jerry Crandall depicting General Adolf Galland in the Battle of Britain- nicely matted in Luftwaffe blue. Signed by the artist and General Adolf Galland. Print condition is excellent. -$125.00-SOLD!

5. A 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class, with ribbon, jump ring is unmarked- $125.00

6. A 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class. Vaulted construction, 2 piece screw back attachment, marked 800 on reverse, this example has it all!- $575.00

7. A nice example of a cased WW2 Iron Cross 1st Class. The cross has the premium finish, the frame is plated and the beading is frosted. There is some loss to the plating on the right arm, but it still looks impressive. The back is pin back. The Iron Cross insignia is depicted on the top of the case- $575.00

8. A 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class. Very crisp details. Jump ring is marked with a tiny stamped Iron Cross followed by 800. Never seen a jump ring like this before. Includes short piece of original ribbon- $85.00

9. A WW2 War Merit Cross 1st Class, in great condition. The Cross is marked 4 on the pin. Case shows some wear but is still very tight- $250.00

10. A WW1 German Sweetheart pin with a nice miniature enameled Iron Cross. 1 1/6" diameter, silver wash is gone showing copper base metal. The enamel on the cross is perfect. Very nice details. Across the top of the upper portion of the wreath are the dates 1914-15. - $75.00-SOLD!

11. An 1870 Iron Cross 1st Class, pin back. Marked 800 on back underneath pin. 3 piece construction- $2250.00

12. An excellent pair of WW2 British "windproof" paratrooper pants in a very large size 2. Condition is great!- $300.00-SOLD!

13. A 1939 Iron Cross, with screwback attachment- $475.00

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